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Walking the Bridge 2009

The material from Rothesay – A Place on an Island is set alongside these images of the Australian island community, Scotland Island, for the exhibition, Walking the Bridge – the Shape of the Space where we Live. 

Scotland Island is situated in Pittwater, a short boat ride from Church Point in the outer reaches of Sydney. The island is named after a Scot, Andrew Thompson, who arrived in Sydney as a convict with the Second Fleet in 1792. Thompson received an absolute pardon in 1797 and Governor King helped him set up a salt manufacturing plant. Thompson then moved his salt works to Scotland Island, which he named after his homeland.


Walking the Bridge is the fifth exhibition in the Place Matters series. It includes a series of silver gelatin prints, a soundscape, two videos and sensory interactive items. Material from this exhibition was later developed into a fifty minute feature programme and two accompanying slide shows for ABC Radio National.

This exhibition is funded by Artworkers’ Alliance and the Scottish Government through Scottish Year of Homecoming.

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