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Rothesay Canada 2009

Many in Rothesay, New Brunswick, Canada ask if their Rothesay is the same as the other Rothesay in Scotland. They ask if the hills across the Kennebecasis River are reminiscent of the view from Rothesay Bay. There may be a few similarities; the big old houses built as holiday homes for city folk. But the towns emerge from their individual pasts, the people who have passed their way, their landscape, and the interaction between these three.

In the music of Anthem for the Wind and Water by local Rothesay composer Jim Stuart, a sadness is conveyed for the travellers on the immigrant ship, Marco Polo. Yet the people have found a new way to draw together again, and reshape their new land in a way that reflects their new culture.

The exhibition was a commission by This is Who We Are for Scottish Year of Homecoming and was exhibited in the Scottish Parliament Building.

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